Hello there, I’m Guy and this is Zohar, my wife.

And this, is our story…

Having a background in bartending, both my wife and I, for as long as one can remember, we knew that there was more into this business. You see, for us bartending was no chore! We simply loved what we did, and it took time and dedication to maintain that post. When our children made a family out of us, we decided that it was time to take things to the next level.

We did not want to exactly quit bartending but when you have a family, you need to build a future for our kids and us. What we had was a vision and we knew that we could make something more out of the job that kept us both happy and fed.

And so began our journey by creating G&Z Online Marketing.

Meet The Company!

As corporate as the title “company” might seem, we’re still a humble business. Family owned and family run! No we don’t wear tuxedos or anything fancy like that. The secret that separates a “good” bartender from the “awesome” bartender is the fact that he or she can be relatable to the customer.

Over the years we’ve made a lot of friends, passed around a lot of alcoholic beverages and we enjoyed doing so! Now that we are in the marketing business, we are proud to be able to maintain that human interaction, because let’s not fool ourselves, bars were built so that people can have a good time and talk to each other! And our company’s MO is to still be “human”.

Stay Humble, Dream Big!

Being a small business has its perks, too! We handle everything ourselves; researching product ideas, researching the market, sourcing, branding, marketing, customer service… you name it!

This simply means that we get to control everything, and rest assured that we do not cut any corners or sacrifice quality when it comes to our products!

From conception to materialization, from advertising to having our product reach your doorstep, we will personally be there for you every step of the way so that you can get the best customer experience out of it.

What can we say, for us it’s still no chore. It’s simply the bartender in us who simply won’t let us rest until there’s a smile on everyone’s face!

Our Products

Our brand, SILVERgrade, specializes in what we know best, barware.

We manufacture our products for according to the highest standards because we actually know, first-hand, what it takes for bar equipment to be considered trustworthy and durable.

Our barware is aimed both at your personal home bar and for professional use alike! Whether you enjoy the occasional cocktail, or the occasional recreational liquor and you need the right tools, whether you are a pro bartender who needs top grade equipment or a barista who settles for nothing but the best, we got you covered.

You can rest assured that we personally oversee each step of the manufacturing process and we make sure that nothing leaves our hands without thorough inspection.

Plus, there’s nothing better for us than hearing from you! So, feel free to have a look around and know that we’ll be at your disposal for any question or concern you might have!


Warm regards,

Guy & Zohar